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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Group 2: Arguments 7-12 Posts and Comments

7. The Argument from Cosmic Coincidences
8. The Argument from Personal Coincidences
9. The Argument from Answered Prayers
10. The Argument from A Wonderful Life
11. The Argument from Miracles
12. The Argument from The Hard Problem of Consciousness


  1. I thought these were the weakest arguments of the whole set (of the ones that I've managed to read or glance over so far), the logic is just complete fail.

    I am fascinated by the study of consciousness though, since I am one of those who believe that at base consciousness is all I am. It's interesting to see how science is progressing in this field, but I wonder if it will ever fully be able to explain it, or if there is some sort of quality to it that defies empirical explanation. Even if that were true though, that wouldn't make the argument 'God did it' any more convincing.

    1. I'm with you on this one. I've got #8 and it's no challenge at all. I'll meet you over at the cosmological and ontological arguments. :)

  2. Agree with both of you, arguments 7-11 are laughable...
    I do like thinking about the hard problem of consciousness but, it does not prove the existence of god.
    Saying it is a difficult problem for science does not imply it exists outside of the physical universe.
    Our bodies are the most complex systems we know of by far. And though we are composed of only physical matter, consciousness involves the relationships between all of that matter. Why can't we just respect and cherish human life for the awe-inspiring thing it is (without the immaterial extras)?

    Is that what humanists say?