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Saturday, February 6, 2016

World of Tomorrow

This is a short (16 minute) animated film that was nominated for awards last year. Seems like it might be relevant to our discussion of the collective afterlife. It's on netflix. Your thoughts?

World of Tomorrow (2015) Poster


Emily: That is the thing about the present, Emily Prime. You only appreciate it when it is the past.
Emily: Now is the envy of all of the dead.
Emily: I am very proud of my sadness because it means I am more alive.
Emily: This is your future, Emily Prime. It is sometimes a sad life, and it is a long life. You will feel a deep longing for something you cannot quite remember. It will be a beautiful visit, and then we shall share the same fate as the rest of the human race: dying horribly.
Emily: One day, when you're old enough, you will be impregnated with a perfect clone of yourself. You will later upload all your memories into this healthy new body. One day, long after that, you will repeat this process all over again. Through this cloning process, Emily, you will hope to live forever.
Emily Prime: I had lunch today.

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