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Monday, February 1, 2016

Midterm group reports

It's time to start deciding on mid-term collaborative report topics and 3-person reporting group. Reports will consist of an in-class presentation of about 10-15 minutes (each of you holding the floor for 3-5 minutes). One of you should sign up as an "Author" on our site to post a short summary of your group's topic and any relevant text/video/graphics you'd like to share.

Around Valentine's Day I'll ask you all to indicate who you're working with and on what, as well as your group's Author.

I'm open to your original topic ideas, but my suggestion if you need one is to select a chapter topic in Baggini and identify three related subtopics, one for each of you to focus on.

You can use the comments space here to solicit interested classmates who might want to join you in reporting on your topic of interest.

When you've identified your collaborators and topic, stake your claim in a comment below. We want to avoid redundancy, so make sure you're not claiming a topic that's already been taken.

These reports, which will be scheduled to begin later in February, are worth up to twenty (20) runs for each of you. Do your best, have fun, learn something, teach us something.


  1. Atheist and agnostic seeking a third (preferably a theist to make a diverse trio).

    Must be available to meet during the ninety minutes leading up to class time.

    1. I can join in on that. My class before this one ends at 1245.

    2. Who's in the group? All names, and when do you all want to meet first? Preferably not tomorrow, Thursday or next Tuesday works for me.

    3. It is myself and Alexandria. We should probably shoot for Thursday to meet so we can pick a topic and submit our choice by the weekend.

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  4. Group:
    Steven Sheffey
    Jason Mendez
    Jonathan McCaffrie

    Evolutionary theory and atheism

    Early evolutionary theory / Cultural impact
    Advances in evolutionary theory
    Other applications of evolutionary theory, such as cultural and memetic evolution.

    1. Another subtopic:

      Impact of evolutionary theory on atheist philosphy.

  5. Group:
    Elizabeth Cullum
    Lee Gish
    Jesse Brandon

    Morality and Atheism

    Are atheists more moral than theists?
    Origin of nonreligious morals
    Impact of a lack of belief in a personal afterlife on morality

  6. Our group will be myself (Benjamin Richards), Alexandria Roberts, and Caroline Duncan with myself acting as author.

    Our topic will be concerned with the 'gift' of immortality. Specifically, as we have in our group a theist, an agnostic, and an atheist, we will be looking at how this gift is interpreted/accepted differently based on our contrasting viewpoints.

  7. Group: Sean, Dilvin, Nick

    Topic: Morality and personal choice Regarding Theism

  8. Group: Andrew, Quentin
    Topic: Atheism in history

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  9. Group: Abigail Jones & Victor Smith
    Topic: Cultural Impact of Irreligion

    Our presentation will be a brief analyzation of our society in the absence of religion. Victor will be discussing the impacts already occurring in the American culture on the internet, in pop culture, and in consumerism, where I will be discussing the overall ideas of individuality, values, & morals & whether or not if they are directly affected by religion & what they would become in its absence.