Up@dawn 2.0

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Happy Hour/Philosophy Club

Hoping the summer remnant of HH/PC staying in the 'Boro will keep it going, in the temporary absence of those of us who'll not be in town. Maybe some of you might even use this space to report on the more interesting or memorable (or remembered) conversations that transpire under its auspices? And we who wander will look forward to rejoining the flock in August.

Just one more:


  1. I'd just like to offer my wholehearted support of this proposition.

    1. You'll be in the host's chair? Or do we need to find a "John Oliver" to fill in?

    2. I'll be in God's Country (Baton Rouge, LA) until the first of June...so perhaps it would be prudent to bring in a backup in the meantime. Once June rolls around, though, I'll happily return to the helm.