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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Blogpost # 2

The Afterlife

The second part of this blog post is discussing the question of why an afterlife in heaven that is perfect and eternal has no appeal to me. Firstly, the idea of being “judged” by a god who’s done some not so saintly things themself who will then sentence me to an eternity of hell fire or bliss just rubs me the wrong way to begin with.  Aside from that though, I just think of something never ending and just feel really bored. Like many of the texts that we read stated, the thing that make this life so beautiful and worthwhile is that there is an end to it.  The beauty of life is in its ups and downs; it’s failures and successes. Having goals and reaching them, these are the best parts of life. Think of yourself during this week of finals, you’re studying relentlessly (or at least you probably should be) and then you take that test you’ve been so worried about. Later you log into D2L and see that you rocked the hell out of it. It’s the best feeling ever. It’s knowing that you accomplished what you sought after, that your efforts paid off. The feeling that you were in control and that YOU made that A happen because of your determination. There is none of that in heaven, or at least not in the typical depictions of what heaven will be like. Everything is perfect and, I imagine unbearably unstimulating. Heaven sounds like a whole lot of BORING. And usually when I say this people will tell me that it won’t be boring because I won’t be able to ever feel bored. This is also problematic to me though because if I have to be altered in a way to where I cannot feel a thing that I probably would feel if not altered, that doesn’t exactly sit right with me either. I am not my autonomous self if I am being forced to enjoy something I would typically find boring, and if I am not able to be in control of my emotions than am I really even myself anymore in this afterlife? I just don’t like the idea of it; I wouldn’t want an afterlife that isn’t as real as the life I am living right now.

So in conclusion, I do not think that not believing in the concept of some kind of afterlife is scary or sad. I think it’s quite freeing and I would much rather just have there be a definite end to this life, than to wake up and deal with the headache of an afterlife too. I will never be able to do or experience all the things that I want in just one life, but if it’s not in this life it just doesn’t feel like it would be nearly as satisfying in the next anyways. I am good with one life, and then being nothing more than a rotting corpse in the ground.